13 June 2013

Wild End Studio news

 Wild End Studio is located in a peaceful valley on the Snowdonia borders in North Wales. It's an  inspiring space for songwriting, overdubbing and mixing and is equipped with high-quality digital recording and mixing facilities. Since its inception at the beginning of this year I have mixed the new album from Etran Finatawa, "The Sahara Sessions", which has been receiving some excellent reviews following its release in May on the World Music Network label, and I'm currently mixing the new album by the Welsh folk-rockers, 9Bach. See the music page at www.colinbass.com for information on previous productions.

I'm open for all enquiries for production and mixing projects or bass guitar overdubs on your songs, please contact mail(at)colinbass.com
Material can be delivered and returned online through Dropbox or any other file delivery service of your choice. Prices negotiable. Equipment list available. Enquiries welcome.


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