5 November 2013

That Was the Tour That Was

Camel at Harrogate 19.10.13

Goodness me, so Fulda turned out nice again. Spoke to many charming people after the show. It seems the audience was mainly comprised of people who had travelled many miles to see us. Australia, Canada, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, France... the mind boggles. Thanks to all who

1 November 2013

Camel - last day

And so to the last three dates:

Bochum Christuskirche was indeed a church. And proved the most challenging in terms of sound. Plenty of brick and glass to get all those high frequency reflections rattling all over the place. Our master sound engineer Mike “Bunny” Warren did his usual sterling job and the sold-out crowd enjoyed it immensely, as did we.
On to Mannheim for a contrasting venue of a rock club in an old rope factory. Concrete and brick