5 November 2013

That Was the Tour That Was

Camel at Harrogate 19.10.13

Goodness me, so Fulda turned out nice again. Spoke to many charming people after the show. It seems the audience was mainly comprised of people who had travelled many miles to see us. Australia, Canada, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, France... the mind boggles. Thanks to all who

came. And my thanks too to our fantastic crew: our old friends Del (back-line supervisor and guitar carer) and Bunny (FOH sound master) and new friends Del 2 the brilliant lighting chappie, Chris the monitor expert, Simon on all-round back-line duties and Tommy Cooper jokes and last but not least the calmly reassuring presence of smiling Emma Edgar, our first-class tour manager. And of course big love to Capt'n Andrew Latimer, Guy, Denis and Jason. Hope to see all again in the very near future!

homeward bound - view from bunk

Over the next few days I shall be posting a selection of live photos on the photo page at this blog.
But for now it's back to the farm and on with the wellies. Cheerio! See you next time!


  1. Congratulations for the Tour Colin, I hope to see you next year in Argentina.
    Best regards
    Ricardo Latimerish

  2. Saw the concert in Harrogate and have since followed the progress of the tour. I would like to say a special thank-you to you and the band for an inspirational experience. Loved the new recording of The Snow Goose and I look forward to the continuing success story of Camel.

  3. Ciao Colin, at last our dream came true! We saw the concert at the Barbican and it was amazing! Sorry for no time for meet and greet but we hope that in 2014 you will play in Italy for at least one date so maybe we can meet there! Two super fans from The Republic of San Marino (Italy),
    Grazia and Glauco Conti

  4. I was in Limbourg and I came from France; It was a fantastic show; you can see my videos on my blog "le vieux palmeur" or on You Tube under pseudo "bipalmeur". Thank you for this fabulous night!

  5. So good to see Camel back on the live stage again - easily one of the finest gigs I've been to in 30 years. You and the guys were in good form at the Barbican. I don't have the words to describe what it means to see Andy and his Gibson reunited! Roll on the dvd!