1 November 2013

Camel - last day

And so to the last three dates:

Bochum Christuskirche was indeed a church. And proved the most challenging in terms of sound. Plenty of brick and glass to get all those high frequency reflections rattling all over the place. Our master sound engineer Mike “Bunny” Warren did his usual sterling job and the sold-out crowd enjoyed it immensely, as did we.
On to Mannheim for a contrasting venue of a rock club in an old rope factory. Concrete and brick

and a smell of stale beer – hmmm that sounds like a country and western song. However the sound was a little more manageable. Another great audience. Once again after the show we're amazed to meet people who travelled great distances to be there. Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, Canada, France... we are humbled.

So now we're at the last date of the tour in Fulda, a charming little town which is a showplace for some impressive Baroque buildings, one of which we're playing in tonight – the Orangerie.


Went for a walk in town this lunchtime. Was idly joining in with some harmony vocals on the “Banks of the Ohio” with itinerant one-man band, Rambling Mike and his adorable dog, when I was spotted by Mr & Mrs Jeff Sangster, who had arrived from Canada to see the show. A pleasant chat with them and back to sound-check, where there was some concern as to whether the sound system would be up to the job. Hoping all will be well. We'll be doing our best!

feeling dizzy in the Schlossgarten
the olde rathaus
impressive baroque public conveniences


  1. Hi Colin, that picture of the last venue is quite a contrast with the Barbican... (and I thought the Belgium venue was basic...)
    Was fantastic to see the band a couple of times and great to have a chat with you a few times again. Please be welcome in China!

  2. Hi Colin, saw you yesterday in Fulda. Great great great great!!!! Thanx thanx thanx thanx.... / Waited a while after the concert, wanted to give Andy a little present, but you didn't come-:)
    Hope see you next year again with an new album.

  3. Hi Colin, I attended the show in Fulda and I was impressed by how good you do speak German!! It was totally unexpected for me. Thanks for the effort and congratulations :)
    btw Fantastic, fantastic show!!!! Hope to see Camel again playing like this!!

  4. PAOLO , GENOVA (ITALY)4 November 2013 at 13:52

    Hi Colin, AMAZING AMAZING SHOW.I come back in Italy with the entire concert in my head . Thanks for your kindness and i hope to see you and Andy , Denis , Jason and Guy in tour in 2014 with a new Camel project .

  5. Hi, saw & hear you in Bochum. Great show. Hope to see Camel soon again. All the best.

  6. My dear Colin...Camel is with me since I was 6 (...back in 1976) due to an old Basf with snowgoose that my older brother listen almost everyday!
    Now that the band and your incredible and nice voice will be in Portugal, is there any chance to get a shaling hand with some of you? To me will be a somehow dream coming true! But I dont know if it is usual for you to be with some fans before or after the shows...anyway...i will hope so! I'll be there on March 16' in Lisbon! :) Jorge, from Portugal