20 June 2015

Meanwhile, somewhere in Southern England...

...something is stirring.

Camel tour team 2015: l-r: myself. Jason Hart, Andrew Latimer, Denis Clement, Ton Scherpenzeel

And it stirred and simmered and the fullness of its flavour was savoured - at least by us. Now we hope that the dear audiences will enjoy it too. The big bus has arrived and we're about to depart on what looks set to be a pretty arduous trek. Quite a few long journeys. I hope my bunk is comfortable.

In the meantime, some photos from three weeks rehearsing in the friendly environs of Real World Studios, set amongst the rolling hills of leafy Wiltshire...

inside the windowless black box within the giant Nissen hut

Sir Denis de Clent relaxing at his manor

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  1. Can we expect a little 'Moonmadness' next week perhaps?