29 March 2013

Ancient 3 Mustaphas 3 Photos Unearthed

I have been sent a hitherto unknown to me batch of photos showing views of a performance by the 3 Mustaphas 3 group, taken in Koblenz; Germany. I don't know exactly which tour or when - I would guess 1987 mainly because of the place of honour on the stage of the famed Purple Fridge of Mustapha and Sammy, the hallowed stuffed sheep of Uncle, who was so dear to him that after his demise (Sammy's that is) we had him turned into a robust multi-purpose object and transported him around the great cities of Europe until one day Expensive Mustapha took him out for a walk and, in a momentary bout of befuddlement, lost him. Maybe it was at the bus shelter, we don't know. But still he lives on in mummification in our hearts. And so do the great tales of Old Mehmed. Mustapha always remembers, for we will never forget the day we lost our memory.
Thank you to Mr Klaus Brettschneider of Saarbr├╝cken for sending these captured moments of great happiness.
L-r: Expen$ive, Hijaz, Sabah Habas, Houzam

Band rocks (note fez-wearing audience person)

Taking it to the Fridge

Expensive blows, Hijaz twangs, Houzam swings

Hijaz explains more things

Niaveti prepares his Zurna. Hijaz warns the audience.

Hijaz rocks

Houzam lounges on Sammy to sing

The late, great Niaveti Mustapha. We miss him.

Sabah, Isfahani and Kemo play while Hijaz fiddles

Sabah steps out

Niaveti in heaven

Sabah Habas

Sabah sings, Isfahani percusses, Kemo squeezes


  1. Great set of photos. Thank you for posting them.

  2. Soon we will eat bread and olives far from the foreign factories.... I'm amazed at how small the digital a digital footprint the Mustaphas left. I was just looking for some lyrics and came across your page....thanks! I really enjoyed the tales from Szegerely back in the 1990s.