1 March 2013

Camel Live 2013

Camel to play Barbican, London - October 28th 2013

Yes, I'm looking forward to getting together with Andrew Latimer and old compadres Denis Clement, Guy LeBlanc and Jan Schelhaas for this gig. We'll be performing all of The Snow Goose album (in it's entirety, as we used to say in the old days) and there will still be room for some other things - we'll be sifting through all the possibilities in the coming months.
Tickets may be available here apparently.

And news just in...
October 25th - Osterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands
October 26th - Rabozaal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    How dare we?
    Well, life, you know...
    Well, I'm so glad to read that great note from your own keyboard, Colin. I'm going to have a trip in Sahara now, I've seen a second article on this blog. "Rajaz", indeed....
    Hope all is the best for your, Colin, please receive my musical friend thoughts. See you in the gigantic sandbox, Sahara...A bientot!!!

  2. Ah Salut Papayeti, merci pour etre le premiere! Enjoy the desert, mais attention pour le sable, il s'infiltre partout.
    Bon voyages!

  3. Hello Colin, I am proudly to say that i will be @ the show on 25 october in Groningen.
    Looking forward to see andrew and you ofcource and the rest of the band playing the snowgoose and some other songs. I hope maybe play also Lady Fantasy,Stationairy Traveller,and The Hour Candle, The last 2 songs i sadly never heared Live and stand on my wish List

    Good Luck You all with the rehearsels, maybe you can make us happy with a sneak previeuw from the rehearsels.

    Greetomgs From Glenn Coomans

  4. Hi Colin,GREAT NEWS!!!
    Unfortunately is to far for me...
    Greetings from Argentina

  5. Ciao Colin,
    that's AWESOME! :D :D
    At last our dream will come true! :D We'll be in London in October to see you for the very first time with Andy, Denis, Guy and Jan! :D Can't wait! :D
    All the very best!
    See you there! :D :D
    Maria Grazia and Glauco (Republic of San Marino)

  6. Hi Colin.... I can help with the set list. Just dig out the Sheffield 2003 one. The best setlist of any gig I've ever been to! And Lady Fantasy twice! Brilliant, brilliant gig.
    Looking forward very much to seeing Camel in Wolverhampton next month.
    All the very best
    Dave (fan since 1974)

  7. Just have to see Ice Live, eargasmic, anyone got tickets to sell, I am in North Scotland but would travel.

  8. Paid a Kings Ransom to get two tickets for the first night. Will be worth it, any chance of a photo with the Band Colin ?

  9. So looking forward to the London gig on 28/10 !!


  10. Hi Colin, congrats for the reuniun. Many people have probably asked this, but you will extend your tour to Spain or not?

    My most sincere wishes of health and happiness to you all!

    Carlos Lourenço