20 October 2013

Camel Tour 2013

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Camel in Harrogate Royal Hall - photo by Brendan Eyre

 Very nice start to the tour last night in the charmingly salubrious surroundings of the Royal Hall in 

Harrogate. Here's the view from the stage at sound-check:

Royal Hall, Harrogate

I wanted to take a similar shot with the wonderful audience in it at the end of the concert but there wasn't enough light out there. Ah well, we managed to overcome our first-night trepidations and all went pretty well - a few fluffs here and there but after all, it's live music.

                                                           More live photos here!

 It was certainly wonderful to play in front of people after weeks of rehearsals in the cosy confines of a converted Nissen hut at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, nestled amongst the verdant hills of Wiltshire.

Camel Tour Rehearsals

It's great to see Andy Latimer back in the saddle again and it's a pleasure to play in such a great team.

From left to right: New York-based keyboard meister Jason Hart. He also plays with Renaissance and has worked with Rufus Wainwright, Suzanne Vega and many others. Next to him is the indestructible force that is Denis Clement, our multi-talented Quebecois drummer/bassist/keyboardist from the wild Canadian backwoods, now resident in Sweden. Then,  there's the calm presence of our other Canadian maestro, nimble-fingered organ/piano/keys specialist Guy LeBlanc. Then that's me looking as if I just got off a horse and last but never leastest, the Camel driver, Andrew Latimer, looking exceedingly chipper and back in formidable form.

Showing off the new Taurus bass rig

Just before rehearsals started I was pleased to take possession of a wonderful bass rig, made by Polish company Taurus Amplification. Short in stature but with a Napoleon complex. It's an amazingly compact and light (1,5 kg) 450 watt amp driving two cabinets - one 2x10 and one 1x12 - both which weigh only 20kg each. For all that portability the rig packs an impressive punch delivering sonorous deep tones and clear highs. And I don't think I've turned it up over about one and a half yet. And we're not exactly a quiet band, we do like to shift some air when we play. Check the Taurus website. Highly recommended.


  1. And tonight - 20th October - Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

  2. Dear Colin, always joy reading your words. Thanks for yours posts, hope joy will be there, shared with Camel's time and roads. Here I accept my frustration not meeting you, by feeling good with distant testimony... best thoughts for you all. Strength and happiness. Hit the Rrrrrrroad!!!!!!!!

  3. ...and a great tour debut it was, Colin.. A few nerves at the start but soon got into full swing. A wonderful evening, and I especially enjoyed Tell Me - a favourite of mine from Rain Dances - some great singing there, Colin! Look forward to the show at the Barbican in 8 days. The only disappointment was that "Ice" didn't make an appearance...

  4. I really look forward to my first ever Camel Concerts. Will travel from Norway and see all three shows in Germany :) Dreams does come through ;)

  5. Hi Colin. Thanks for the check-in & for sharing some wonderful photos. Best wishes to all of you for a smokin' hot tour. Only wish you guys would do at least a west coast US tour so those of us on this side of the pond could come celebrate Camel's return with you. Cheers!