25 October 2013

Camel Tour Day 7 (I think)

Somewhere in Groningen

Good show at Salisbury. We're getting better and more fluent as we go. Overnight on the bus to the small town of Verviers in Belgium. Roused out of bunk at 6.30 to get on the ferry. Still, we had a nice

night off in the Hotel Le Posh and I can recommend the Vieux Bourg restaurant in the town centre, which is just near this intriguing cultural juxtaposition:

Next day on to the interesting smaller town of Limbourg. We played at the Kursaal, an old ballroom/cinema/music hall that reminded me of something seen in an old black-and-white film starring Fernandel. At night in Limbourg you can often hear the howling of wolves. Apparently a local chap keeps about 30 of them. What do the neighbours think?
Off on the bus to Groningen in the north of Holland. Playing tonight at the Oosterport - a lovely venue with a generous helping of dressing rooms and friendly staff. Very nice hall - we have played here on a number of occasions. Tonight it's all seated - and all seats are occupied. Time for a vocal warm-up. Here's a footnote:


  1. Hi Colin, glad you decided 'to blog' so that we get these insights beyond the stage. I was at Wolverhampton and will be at the Barbican on Monday night with my 3 friends (the 'Batley Boys'). Please give us a wave in stalls J68-71. This is an extract from my home movie from 2004. As you will see from the YouTube video description, Camel's music means so much to us (the full home movie also has 'Goodbye to Albion' on it too). Thanks for being part of the Camel family for so long. Best, Andrew Clay http://youtu.be/iWrclpgME5g

  2. Hi Colin, i will be Friday in Fulda and I have a little present for Andy, a small painting... I hope I get the chance to meet him after the show or even better in the middle of the show to give it to him? What do you think?
    Martin, Hannover