6 March 2014

Camel Tour - March 2014 - Part 2

Eindhoven gig most enjoyable. Lovely concert hall with excellent backstage facilities - very important after a few nights on the big bus. And after meeting with some nice people afterwards it was back on the aforementioned vehicule grande and, after some tricky maneuvering of the bus through crowds of convivial, colourfully dressed carnival revellers,we were off to the historic Belgian city of Gent. Venue was the old music hall/balhaus/theatre called the Vooruit, built in 1913.

Photo taken at sound check, but before then I had a chance to wander around the beautiful old town centre. Here's some snaps from there.

The Port, Gent
Magritte was here
Josephine Baker was here
I was here
Jan van Eyck memorial
What a wonderful window
Then back to the sound check.

Ton's keyboards
l-r: Simon (backline), Ton, Andy, JJ (monitors)

We all had a good night at the Vooruit and enjoyed meeting some nice folks afterwards, including almost the entire Ducept family (Salut!).

Thanks and goodnight Gent (photo: John Bollenberg)

 Back on the bus and rolling through the night to Deutschland, arriving in the morning of a most welcome day off and a night in a proper bed. Availed myself of the sauna and caught up on events in the Ukraine. Currently also reading Christopher Clark's fascinating book, "The Sleepwalkers - How Europe Went To War in 1914" and wondering what parallels we can draw from that.
Thursday, we move on to the Filderstadt Filharmonie, Stuttgart.

and it's goodnight in Stuttgart....


  1. Colin thank you very much for sharing your experiences on this tour.
    All the best
    Ricardo Latimerish

  2. So happy to see you and the band tonight in Filderstadt near Stuttgart. Ever wanted to see Andy Latimer and his bandmates live. I waited 40 long years.

    Sometimes some things are very slow. Must have listen to "Slow yourself down" too many times ;-)

    And thank you Colin for the blogreports from the tour.

    See you ...

  3. Thanks Colin

    Wonderful photography and a bit of history to go along with the pics....


  4. Merciiiii Colin!!!
    All ouf us are so grateful......
    Incredible show, intense music. Huge hearts, great hugs!
    We are with you, support and kind regards from all our group, blood and heart and Camel family :-)

  5. Paradiso was good but Eindhoven was clearer in sound. And I had my wife and oldest son (9 years) with me as I'd promised Andy when I met him last year in Groningen... Two fantastic gigs. Enjoy the rest of the tour and hopefully we will meet again next tour?