9 March 2014

Camel Tour - March 2014 - Part 3

home sweet home
 After a nice show at the Fulderstadt Filharmonie it was back on the bus to Köln, where the early morning sun cast a pleasing light on the city on the other side of the river.

 Set off to flanier along the river bank and crossed over the railway bridge where thousands of padlocks have been affixed to the fence by troth-plighting lovers. A trend which, as far as I know, originated on the Pont D'Orsay in Paris, but I could be mistaken.

Another great audience at the Theater am Tanzbrunnen. Every show is different, although we always play the same set. Different nuances appear spontaneously in the arranged passages and there are always moments of improvisation in the second set which are dependent on our mood and communication. Anyway, this one was a good one, made even more pleasurable by a visit from my lovely daughter Lenya, who travelled all the way from Berlin just to see her old Dad.

Backstage with my daughter Lenya

After the show I talked to two gentlemen who came from Tehran, Iran especially for the show. Which reminds me, I wanted to give an honorable mention to Chuck Padgett, who flew from North Carolina just to see the Amsterdam show and went straight back again. He said he enjoyed it.

Then it was off in the night again for the trip back to the UK. Catching the 8.15 am ferry from Calais and indulging in a 7 item English Breakfast on board. Only the Rt Hon Del Haggar de Backline managed to see off the 10 item menu (although he declined to finish off the toast - and who can blame him?).
On to Sheffield and a pleasant night off in Le Hotel Posh. Tonight Sheffield City Hall where I was reminded that this was the site of my second ever gig with Camel in October 1979 (first one was Brighton Dome). That was a long time ago.


  1. Thanks for the blog Colin!
    The last pic is lovely.
    Ricardo 'Latimerish'

  2. Thanks Colin..always great to read these!
    Stood next to Chuck P at the Paradiso...a really nice bloke and a true fan of the band! Cheers, Peter Thomas

  3. Thanks for sharing, Colin, the show was fantastic.
    Enjoy the England shows!

  4. Thanks Colin....many more fans here in the states...met you at GAMH in 97...soon again.Great sence of history.

  5. Hi, Colin .. It was a real pleasure for me, to meet you after the show in Filderstadt/Stuttgart, 6.3.2014. Great concert ... All the best for the rest of the tour. I have delivered some pics from the concert on Latimerish.com.

    Best regards, Franz

  6. Thank you Colin, Harvey and I loved the show and he especially enjoyed FoxHill. What a life time memory for him and his Dad. Brilliant. Enjoy the rest of the tour. Paul

  7. "En Serbie, cette tradition existe sur le pont Most Ljubavi depuis la Première Guerre mondiale. Elle est restée peu connue jusqu'à sa description dans le poème Molitva za ljubav (prière pour l'amour) de la poétesse serbe Desanka Maksimovic5"

    Dear Colin. Wikkipedia (ok, need other sources?^^) says in french that it happens since first world war 1, in Serbia...

    Thanks for your posts, and I get how sweet it is to meet your Daughter.

    Have nice Albion Gigs!!!


  8. Hey Colin. One of those two gentlemen who came from Tehran, Iran for the show was me! It was an honor meeting you and Andrew after the Cologne show. I am now back home with good memories from the concert. All the best for the rest of the tour. Regards from Tehran, Peyman Moazami

  9. just to echo other views on here, its great to see the tour unrolling through your eyes. I cant get to any of the Uk gigs, so look forward to happy memories made real when the Barbican dvd finally lands! Take care oh and really enjoying Outcast of The Islands at the mo'!

  10. Colin, I am new to Camel. A friend (a long time fan) bought a ticket for me and my wife to accompany him to the Sheffield gig.

    All I can say is "Wow! Where have Camel been all my life???".

    The best concert I have ever attended by a country mile. The talent on display and the clarity of the production were phenomenal, and I was so close to going to the Warrington gig tonight, but just couldn't make it. Shame! I really wanted to see the magic again.

    Anyway, I am definitely a convert. Can't wait for the next Camel tour!


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    1. mmmm, Interesting, Now you are in our sights.To blog or not to blog, I'm just guessing you chose to blog, just a wee guessie.
      So please my Camel virgin wife convinced me I could manage all 4 UK gigs

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  13. Hi Colin , i am your friend PAOLO from Italy . I was most excited to see your show in Italy , but unfortunately my wife had an accident that doesn't allow me to attend the show . I hope to see you again soon on the road . In the meantime i look forward your new album and the new Camel album.
    i am sure that the shows in Italy will amazing.
    With best regards , PAOLO COSSO from GENOVA , ITALY

  14. Colin, it was a pleasure attending the superb gig in Amsterdam. Every Camel show I've been to (13 in all) has involved traveling a great distance and every time has been well worth the effort. And thanks for the great behind-the-scenes blogging!