3 March 2014

Camel Tour March 2014

 The tour that almost never was got off to a mercifully fine start at the fabulous, legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam yesterday. Due to a sudden unforeseen complication to our keyboard meister Guy LeBlanc's health (details and a message from Guy can be read here) we were almost thinking the unthinkable thought of cancelling the whole thing until our dear friend Ton Scherpenzeel made himself a hero and a champion mensch in our eyes by agreeing to step in at the last minute and save the day, rearranging recording dates for his band, Kayak, to have the pleasure of hurtling around Europe in a bus with all of us. Circumstances dictated that Ton could only join us for two days rehearsal beforehand. Even more circumstances dictated that the only full day would be interrupted by a four hour power cut. Ah well, these things are sent to try us. But Ton took it all in his calm Dutch stride and we all breathed a sigh of relief when the first gig went so well.

Camel at the Paradiso

big thing in the street in Eindhoven

Tonight we are in Eindhoven in the south of Holland in the wonderful Muzikgebeouw concert hall. by coincidence today is also Karnevale day. Outside the streets are vibrating with the beats of exotic oompahdisco music and many Dutch people walking around in increasingly unsteady fashion dressed in all manner of alarming fancy dress. It remains to be seen what our audience will be wearing.

Anyway I'm looking forward to playing once more with my two brand-new MTD basses.

and my excellent Taurus bass amp and cabs

Tomorrow Gent!

Hope to post more if I have a moment....


  1. Congrats for the show and good luck for all on th Tour!!
    Beatifull Basses, It's a shame not to be there to hear live sound, only you tuve...We dream to see you in South America.
    Thanks you very much Colin! :)
    A hug
    Ricardo 'Latimerish'

  2. Hi Colin,

    Great to see you again in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Your basses sound fantastic. All the best for the next gigs through Europe!

    Ronald from China

  3. Hi Colin,

    indeed, Ton did a marvelous job at the Paradiso. It all sounded great. Thanks for the great evening and good luck for the rest of this tour!

  4. Colin, your new bass rig sounded bl##dy fantastic in the Eindhoven Muziekgebouw! Hope we (the unsteady fashion dressed locals ;)) did not worry you too much? Unfortunate event with Andy's guitar amp/effectpedal(?), but that's what playing live is also about ;) Lots of success for the remainder of the tour!

    Marcel van Ek

  5. Hi Colin...great to see Camel on the road again...hope to see you in the States again soon...


  6. Hi colin. I'm a great fan, though never seen you live, only tribute band "The humps" in Israel (Seen them 4 times!). Hope you will manage to come here to Israel, we're starving for such an experience

  7. Hi Colin,
    Waiting for all of you guys next Friday in Vicenza Italy.